Aliberico Food Packaging containers envelope Quesos Los Vazquez new dessert product range

The Seville dairy manufacturer Quesos Los Vázquez expands their gourmet dessert product range under the name “La abuela Carmen” with the launch of two new products: custard and rice pudding, artisanal produced.  For these two new developments, Quesos Los Vázquez has opted for the quality of aluminium containers of Alibérico Food Packaging to maintain the products as freshly baked.

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From now on, aluminum containers sold in this successful retailer will show-off a brand new design on their front and side labels. These labels will include a list of recipes in order to help customers enjoy new delicious dishes cooked in Palco®’s aluminum boxes.

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Palco® signs all 2012 agreements with leading customers

Alibérico Packaging located in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, signed recently all the agreements with its main European customers, which include leading dessert and dairy manufacturers worldwide: an extended list of food companies, faithful to the high quality packaging of Palco®. Thanks to the efforts and innovation undertaken consistently at the factory of Alcalá de Henares, the company closed a year of global economic crisis with even more customers than previous years. Food leading producers, and now, large national and international distributors, are day by day increasingtheir commitment to our high quality packaging brand, Palco®.