ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING donates computers to support Education

Summer camps are often the perfect way for children to keep learning and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the school year. Kids English Club, an urban camp 100% in English, is part of the activities of the English Academy IberEnglish.

At this camp, in addition to practising a foreign language, the children carry out science-related activities through experiments and projects. Among these projects are activities related to reverse engineering, that is, a learning process where children learn the technical aspects of a certain product, knowing how to detect which are the components that form it and what is the manufacturing process. This reverse engineering process is essential in the field of computing, more specifically, computers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, as part of its sustainability plan, has donated 20 computers to IberEnglish, so that the children at this camp can carry out experiments and tests, and thus develop their skills in the field of technology.

With this equipment, the children can see, learn and get to know what a computer looks like inside, how it works and how to make changes or adjustments while having fun and practising English.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is highly committed to quality education (SDG 3) for children and provides tools for their development and in-depth knowledge, thus increasing their learning opportunities and future job opportunities.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING vous souhaite un joyeux 2022

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING always “thinking about providing solutions”

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, leading manufacturer of semi-rigid and lacquered aluminium packaging, has a wide range of solutions for the food world.

The wide and diverse world of food packaging demands multiple shapes, colours and different uses, that is why ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures and invests great efforts in R&D to cover all the needs that arise in the aluminium packaging market. ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is now developing a new container for transporting freshly made paella.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures packaging for pastries such as cakes, sponge cakes or cupcakes; for desserts such as flan, rice pudding or custard; and it also manufactures packaging of different sizes and shapes for take away food, where all kinds of food can be introduced, even spoon dishes. Its containers can also be used for pre-cooked foods and frozen dishes, for chicken and large roasts, and even trays for this Christmas season to present seafood, and air catering containers.

The containers manufactured by ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING are made of aluminium, a light, resistant and voluble material, which is also completely impermeable and odourless and 100% recyclable where once treated at industrial level it returns to our hands, which is why it is the most used container, making it the perfect material to accompany all your meals. Whoever uses ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers repeats, which is why we are the largest manufacturer of aluminium containers in Spain.

Furthermore, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers have the most demanding certificates in food safety regulations, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety for preserving food, protecting the environment and supporting the circular economy. The certificates obtained are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, adapting to your needs and always taking care with our packaging of your most important needs when looking for solutions to preserve food.

The relevance of recycling and the circular economy

In an increasingly populated world where there are fewer and fewer resources due to their overexploitation, it is essential to implement all necessary measures to try to make better use of natural resources. For this reason, recycling is of vital importance for the long-term sustainable development of our natural environment, giving us a better future.

Betting on recycling is synonymous with commitment to the environment, to the future and to people, because the process involves investing in industry and innovation, which translates into the creation of stable jobs and therefore contribute to economic growth and social wealth where we all benefit.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is a leader in the manufacture of semi-rigid aluminium containers for the food sector and has developed and implemented an internal system of total utilization of the surplus in the production process, that means, the factory generates « 0 waste ». This allows us to participate in the circular economy by having an integral process.

Aluminium is a noble metal that has a long-life cycle, it is one of the few 100% recyclable materials that does not lose any of its properties during the recycling process and this implies that it is a material that « feeds itself », that means, it has a perfect circular economy, because both the containers that have already been used and recycled, as well as the surplus material during the manufacturing process, are pressed, packaged and re-melted to give it a new application (SDG 8 and 13). Thanks to the pressing and baling process of surplus material, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING reduces the space occupied during transportation and pollutant gas emissions (SDGs 11 and 12).

This is one of the differential advantages of ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING that allows the company to take advantage of and reuse all the material. A gesture as simple as recycling the packaging of ready meals, desserts or frozen foods by taking them to the correct container, this responsibility extends the life of aluminium and improves the sustainability of the planet, creating a better future.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, an essential and strategic company for Spain, is committed to a more sustainable planet.


Adaptation and renovation are values that this year have become very important due to the situation we are living, so this 2021 we want to renew the image of our lids and provide new, more modern and creative colours that make our lid more attractive.

Take away, catering, take away pastries, ready meals in aluminium containers with the new design of ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING lids. Who buys repeats many times, that’s why customers always ask for their food to be always in Palco packaging.

The new lids will continue to protect your food wherever you go and comply with the FSC seal of quality, which indicates that they are made with resources from forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way with the environment. That is why at AFP we work with nature conservation in mind.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is committed to the environment and demonstrates it every day both with its factory with 0 CO2 emissions, as well as with the recycling cycle it performs with its aluminium.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is committed to innovation (SDG 9), affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) and climate action (SDG 13).


Let’s support the catering industry, with ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, take your food home!

Given the situation we are living and the new restrictions that are being imposed in most communities and cities in the country, we must be responsible, take care and avoid further worsening the situation.
This doesn’t mean that we should set aside those who are having a hard time. Let’s support the catering industry, a key pillar in our daily lives. Now more than ever, with ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers, we can transport food to our home, work offices, eat outdoors… With ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING aluminum containers, you can transport all the food you want. Order it or pick it up comfortably, the content is safe, the containers have all the conditions to keep our food in perfect condition. In addition, our containers do not emit toxic substances, odors or flavors that interfere with the food.
SUPPORT THE CATERING INDUSTRY, comply with all the measures imposed because safety comes first, take your food home! and always remember to use recyclable ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers.

This summer, your meals are always protected with ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING

The months of July and August are, perhaps, the most desired by all, not only because they coincide with holiday periods, but also because the temperature is much warmer and invites you to go to the beach, to the mountains for sightseeing or to do turism. In order to take care of your health every day, due to the pandemic, your food containers are around you in your every-day life.

In each scenarios previously commented, in which we usually enjoy them with the company of family or friends, it is usual to bag the food and have a picnic, either to the sound of the waves, or in the shade of the trees, near a river, you can use them in any environment of our nature because our food containers are 100% recyclable and does not pollute it.

Thanks to ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING‘s aluminium containers, the food is preserved in unbeatable conditions. It can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, so the food is kept in its own state, in addition, our packaging does not emit toxic substances, or odors or tastes that may affect the food, is ideal for carrying your food protected when you’re out all day, so that, our goal is « Around you in your every-day life »

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is always committed to health and well-being (SDG 3), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) and climate action (SDG 13).

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, through the CEOE Foundation, makes a donation to several NGOs

Since last March, on the issue of the crisis caused by COVID-19, the economy and society have been seriously affected. Many people have had to turn to organizations that ensure that everyone has access to basic goods.
Faced with this situation, and through the CEOE Foundation, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING has not hesitated to collaborate in solidarity and has donated more than 200 rolls of aluminium and 140,000 food containers to three NGOs to help the neediest people and ensure that the meals they offer are kept in perfect condition and can be served and transported easily.
« Un inicio para todos« , an association that helps young people in vulnerable situations, « Fundación hospitalaria de la orden de Malta » which was created to help groups in need of special attention and « Fundación Altius » which was created to help those affected by the lack of employment, have all been very grateful for the donation.
ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING takes care of people with advanced solutions in aluminium. It is committed to the eradication of poverty (SDG 1), the fight against hunger (SDG 2) and health and well-being (SDG 3).


Le 22 juin dernier, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING a obtenu le certificat d’ Entreprise Sûre et Propre délivré par l’ADEFAM, l’Association des Entreprises Familiales de Madrid, qui permet à ses employés de travailler à la fois dans l’usine et dans les bureaux en toute sécurité.

KPMG est en charge de vérifier et certifier que les procédures et activités mises en œuvre dans les entreprises demandant le label BSAFE sont considérées comme des mesures d’hygiène, de propreté et de distanciation sociale conformément à la politique de gestion du COVID-19 de l’ Association des Entreprises Familiales de Castille et León.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, adhérant à la Politique de Gestion du COVID-19, a prévu toutes sortes de mesures: préventives, de détection et de solution, dans le but de minimiser autant que possible le risque de contagion du COVID-19 parmi ses employés, clients et tiers qui sont en relation.

Avec des mesures d’hygiène extrêmes, un respect de la distance sociale minimale pour tous les postes de travail, une signalisation dans tous les bureaux et l’ensemble de l’usine indiquant le protocole de sécurité, et en donnant de nouvelles mesures afin de pouvoir travailler selon les normes de sécurité établies, ainsi que du gel hydroalcoolique, des masques et tout le matériel et les instructions nécessaires afin d’ atténuer le risque d’incidence, ont contribué à l’obtention de ce certificat.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, toujours engagé dans la santé et le bien-être (ODD 3), remercie ses employés pour leur effort, leur engagement et leur implication dans cette nouvelle normalité dans le but de continuer à rendre le meilleur service à la société.


ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING in its continuous process of improvement, has developed a new bottom for its aluminium food containers making them more resistant.

In its constant commitment to quality, food safety and the protection of the environment, the aluminium with which ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING‘s containers are manufactured, has managed to exceed the quality standards of the UNE-EN ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 regulations. For this reason, another of the new container’s novelties is that the food safety mark appears on the bottom.

There is also the aluminium recycling symbol, which guarantees that it is a 100% recyclable product. This is because it is a material that by its nature has perfect and ideal properties for the reuse of the raw material without losing its properties during the process.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING always committed to innovation (SDG 9 ) and sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).