Alibérico Food Packaging, the ideal of Trash Cooking

Alibérico Food Packaging containers are the perfect packaging for the gastronomic trend called Trash Cooking

Trash Cooking is a cooking technique that consists in utilizing the food that has been left over from other meals. A trend that bets on inventing new recipes with what we have not eaten, thus contributing to a more sustainable gastronomy.

Alibérico Food Packaging containers are the best solution for this trend. Our Aluminium containers do not alter taste or smell, are hygienic and offer total product protection, allowing maximum performance of the container, whether for baking, roasting, serving, heating or preserving, unleashing cooks’ creativity to reinvent traditional recipes.

Our In-House Technology and manufacturing lines, with high process speeds and equipped with modern computer vision and production control equipment, enable us to manufacture more than one billion containers per year with the strictest demands.

Alibérico Food Packaging, Quality and Cutting-Edge Innovation.