Returned to work with ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING


Starting over after holidays always costs, but ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING can make it easier.

ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING aluminium containers are perfect for taking food from home to work. Our packaging is resistant and keeps the food in perfect condition. You can fill the containers with cold, hot food or desserts. ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING containers can be placed in the fridge, freezer, oven and even in the microwave.

Choose from all types of packaging that ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures and markets. You have so many options!

In addition, these containers are a 100% recyclable sustainable option for storing and transporting food. With this we help you personally and we are collaborating with the environmental measures therefore we combine personal improvement and environmental improvement that we need so much for our future.

Do not hesitate, return to work on the right foot, with ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING aluminum containers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING with you also in summer!

Palco® aluminium food containers also with you on holidays.

Enjoy a day at the beach, in the pool or have a picnic in the mountains without worrying about your food. The food containers manufactured by ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING retain both heat and cold. They will protect your meals from external agents and prevent leaks and stains.

Or eat at your favorite restaurant and take away the leftover to your home or from the restaurant to the beach. Without changing the packaging!

Our packaging is perfect for any context, do not hesitate… and also helps to preserve the environment since our aluminium food packaging is 100% recyclable.

Enjoy your summer more with ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING aluminum food containers.

Maximum quality guaranteed!

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING closes its successful participation in Cremai 2019

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING closed last week Cremai 2019 fair held in Casablanca from 19 to 22 March with a great success of assistance to its stand.
The ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING team traveled there to present our leading innovation products to all visitors and professionals of the food sector.

With a strong international projection ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING continues to expand along the globe thanks to its high quality aluminum food containers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING always at the service of our customers

In ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING we have a high qualified and trained team who study and work every day in a continuous improvement culture inside the aluminum packaging industry.

The AFP staff is concerned with high quality and service standards in order to serve aluminium food containers that the market demands under our “Palco” brand.

We use light and resistant aluminum; one of the indispensable components in the development of the novelties our customers need. These properties make us leaders in the field in which we work, because we anticipate the future by looking the best alternative in the market within the aluminum packaging, a perfect material that also helps to protect our nature and environment.

In that line we have been working for a long time, that is why Palco’s highly prestigious aluminium food containers are the most requested and position us as market leaders.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING high quality for the most demanding market.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING participates in Cremai 2019

The fair that will take place between March 19 and 22 in Casablanca, Morocco, will bring together visitors related to all the fields of catering and food industry professionals: hotels, communities, cafes, restaurants, events and catering with services and food material suppliers in the same space.

This fair with international visibility will bring up the latest news and developments in the food industry, where you can invest, acquire, renew equipment and find partners and suppliers.

Of course ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING could not miss this appointment with its food packaging solutions, news and innovations in aluminum applications, lacquered, with a multitude of shapes, sizes and covers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures aluminium food containers for packaging and provides high quality and useful solutions.

Too much food? Freeze it with the ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING containers.

ALIBÉRICO FOOD PACKAGING containers are perfect to freeze food.

Our aluminum containers maintain the temperature (hot or cold) and the original taste, integrity, and quality of the food item. Our food packaging is safe and hygienic to prevent the exposure of bacteria. For these reasons our food containers are the best choice to freeze food.

With ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers, once defrosted you can cook the food in the microwave or the oven in this same container – saving time and money along with showing care for our environment.

Don’t hesitate!  Use our ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers for your next meal.

Merry Christmas!

Replace plastic with our aluminium food containers!

The high quality aluminium food containers manufactured by ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, are a great alternative to the problem of poor recyclability and high contamination of plastic containers.

Unlike other packaging materials, aluminium is 100% recyclable and its recycling process has hardly any environmental impact.

In addition, our food packaging is safe and hygienic, conserves both heat and cold, prevents leaks or spills and can be reused.

Advance with ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING towards a future without plastics!

This Halloween, cook with Alibérico Food Packaging!

Alibérico Food Packaging’s Palco® containers will help you preparing stunning cupcakes

 Steps to make chocolate dough

 Prepare the aluminium baking moulds of Palco ® and preheat the oven to 180º.

  1. Pour a few drops of lemon juice into 200ml of milk.
  2. Melt 250g of butter in bain-marie and add 150g of dark chocolate for desserts.
  3. Sift 200gr of flour, a pinch of salt and a sachet of yeast.
  4. Whip the chocolate and butter and gradually add 100gr of sugar. Then add 2 eggs, milk with lemon, a teaspoon of vanilla essence and flour.
  5. Pour ¾ of the mixture into the Palco® moulds and bake for 25 minutes.

 Steps to make pumpkin buttercream

 Boil in the microwave small cubes of pumpkin in our Palco® microwave containers. You can read tips for use here.

  1. Whip 250gr of butter at room temperature and gradually add 250gr of icing sugar until a homogeneous dough is formed.
  2.  Sprinkle with cinnamon, cocoa and pumpkin puree and whip for 30 seconds and with the help of a piping bag place the mixture on top of the cupcakes. Enjoy!

Alibérico Food Packaging, High Quality for the most demanding markets.

Alibérico Food Packaging, the ideal of Trash Cooking

Alibérico Food Packaging containers are the perfect packaging for the gastronomic trend called Trash Cooking

Trash Cooking is a cooking technique that consists in utilizing the food that has been left over from other meals. A trend that bets on inventing new recipes with what we have not eaten, thus contributing to a more sustainable gastronomy.

Alibérico Food Packaging containers are the best solution for this trend. Our Aluminium containers do not alter taste or smell, are hygienic and offer total product protection, allowing maximum performance of the container, whether for baking, roasting, serving, heating or preserving, unleashing cooks’ creativity to reinvent traditional recipes.

Our In-House Technology and manufacturing lines, with high process speeds and equipped with modern computer vision and production control equipment, enable us to manufacture more than one billion containers per year with the strictest demands.

Alibérico Food Packaging, Quality and Cutting-Edge Innovation.