Do you know all the uses and properties of aluminium for food packaging?

Aluminium is one of the raw materials that exist in nature, which per se, has unique properties that make it a superior material for food preservation.

Aluminium is easily mouldable, malleable and lightweight, resists high temperatures far better than any other material and withstands moisture and corrosion exemplarily. This allows the food preservation process to be the most durable on the market and the one that has the least impact on the final food as this raw material does not produce odours or emit chemical substances that could damage preservation.

With ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers you can cook, freeze, transport, bake and serve all in the same container!

Moreover, they are 100% recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. During the recycling process none of the properties of aluminium are lost, so its circular economy is profitable and efficient. It can be reused countless times.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING packaging is a safe bet now and in the future.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is the only company located in Madrid that provides aluminium packaging for food.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, committed to sustainable cities and communities (ODS 11).