ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING supporting the most vulnerable people with a donation of 270,000 aluminium containers

In an act that underscores its social commitment, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING  has decided to actively contribute to the work of the Fundación CEOE by donating 270,533 aluminium food containers. The Fundación CEOE is an organization dedicated to social projects and programs aimed at promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life for various groups, particularly the most vulnerable.

In 2020, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING donated 140,000 containers to the Fundación CEOE, and at the beginning of 2024, it has significantly increased its contribution with the aim of reaching and assisting more people, demonstrating ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING’s strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and its desire to make a positive impact on society. These containers, known for their quality and durability, will be allocated to various specific initiatives of the Fundación CEOE.

This solidarity collaboration serves as an inspiring example for other companies in the sector. With the goal of building a more promising future for communities, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING positions itself as a key player in promoting social well-being and solidarity.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, for a more responsible and supportive future, is committed to eradicating poverty (SDG 1), fighting hunger (SDG 2), and promoting health and well-being (SDG 3).