ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING always “thinking about providing solutions”

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, leading manufacturer of semi-rigid and lacquered aluminium packaging, has a wide range of solutions for the food world.

The wide and diverse world of food packaging demands multiple shapes, colours and different uses, that is why ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures and invests great efforts in R&D to cover all the needs that arise in the aluminium packaging market. ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is now developing a new container for transporting freshly made paella.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures packaging for pastries such as cakes, sponge cakes or cupcakes; for desserts such as flan, rice pudding or custard; and it also manufactures packaging of different sizes and shapes for take away food, where all kinds of food can be introduced, even spoon dishes. Its containers can also be used for pre-cooked foods and frozen dishes, for chicken and large roasts, and even trays for this Christmas season to present seafood, and air catering containers.

The containers manufactured by ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING are made of aluminium, a light, resistant and voluble material, which is also completely impermeable and odourless and 100% recyclable where once treated at industrial level it returns to our hands, which is why it is the most used container, making it the perfect material to accompany all your meals. Whoever uses ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers repeats, which is why we are the largest manufacturer of aluminium containers in Spain.

Furthermore, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING containers have the most demanding certificates in food safety regulations, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety for preserving food, protecting the environment and supporting the circular economy. The certificates obtained are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, adapting to your needs and always taking care with our packaging of your most important needs when looking for solutions to preserve food.