Mercedes, thanks for these 40 years

mardi, 13 / juin / 2017

We have celebrated with Mercedes Gómez, her 40 years of  professional career and retirement at Palco.

On June 5, we had the opportunity to celebrate with Mercedes Gómez, on the occasion of her retirement, a 40 year professional career in what is now ALIBERICO PACKAGING.

Mercedes began to work in the factory of PALCO and during these last years has been developing its work in the Financial Area of ALIBERICO PACKAGING. We thank you for your dedication, effort and work. Mercedes moves on to a new stage in her life.

After 40 years, it's time to take a well-deserved vacation!

It is an honour and we are proud that our people can develop a long professional career and can retire with Us.

Mercedes, on behalf of the whole team, we thank you for your work and your contribution during all these years!