Friday, 21 / October / 2016

Aluminum packaging for a healthy lifestyle

With our pace of life becoming more and more hectic it is more difficult to eat a healthy and balanced diet instead; we eat quickly and on the run... With aluminum containers from Alibérico Food Packaging, taking care of ourselves is made easier!

Monday, 29 / August / 2016

Containers of Alibérico Food Packaging help against the food waste

Keep the rest (Tenga il Resto in Italian) is an initiative that began in Monza (Italy) where aluminum containers were distributed to different restaurants in the city.  

Tuesday, 26 / July / 2016

Containers of Alibérico Food Packaging turn you into the 'Super Chef' of your kitchen!

Are you a professional chef?  Are you the chef at home? Now, the best chefs can become a 'Super Chef' in their kitchen with our aluminum containers!



Thursday, 30 / June / 2016

Alibérico Food Packaging manufactures the sweetest aluminum packaging!

Professionals and food lovers will love the new aluminum packaging manufactured by Alibérico Food Packaging as they are perfect for the presentation and conservation of their desserts.



Tuesday, 31 / May / 2016

Alibérico Food Packaging improves its packaging for cannelloni

Alibérico Food Packaging has improved its aluminum packaging for cannelloni.

Wednesday, 04 / May / 2016

Mayor and Councillor for Economic Development and Employment of Alcalá de Henares visits Alibérico Food Packaging

Mayor of Alcalá de Henares and Councillor for Economic Development and Employment visited Alibérico Food Packging.

Monday, 04 / April / 2016

Containers for poultries, the star of Alibérico Food Packaging!

For grill masters and fans of roasted chicken, 46 Series containers from Alibérico Food Packaging have become a star!



Monday, 07 / March / 2016

Containers of Alibérico Food Packaging travel around the World

The customer service and product quality offered by Alibérico Food Packaging have resulted in its aluminium containers recognizing no borders and traveling literally around all the World.

Monday, 25 / January / 2016

Palco containers retain cold, retain heat

Alibérico Food Packaging Aluminium containers are ideal for preserving foods in perfect conditions at all temperatures.

Wednesday, 18 / November / 2015

The recycling of aluminum packaging

According to the latest EAFA (European Aluminum Foil Association) report, in Europe more than 50% of aluminum packaging is recycled. This record reflects the continent’s commitment to recycling.

Friday, 09 / October / 2015

Aluminum containers reflect your taste... in full color!

In Alibérico Food Packaging we know that everything doesn't come in just white or black so we love putting a little color into our food containers.  

Monday, 13 / July / 2015

Palco® Aluminium Containers are going on holiday too!

Yes, this summer… remember putting into your suitcase the Palco® Aluminium Containers!

Tuesday, 02 / June / 2015

How to achieve that perfect presentation of your best dishes

Achieving that perfect presentation is always a challenge for the most demanding of professionals in the kitchen.

Monday, 23 / March / 2015

Aluminum packaging, sustainable containers

According to the European Aluminium Association (EAA), almost 20% of the final aluminum products manufactured in Europe are dedicating to the container industry and food and beverage packaging.

Monday, 02 / February / 2015

Aluminum containers for air-catering... Traveling will be a pleasure!

Travel should be a pleasure... And with Alibérico Food Packaging even more!

Friday, 12 / December / 2014

Alibérico Food Packaging wishes you Happy 2015

Ending this year 2014, we will like to thank...

Monday, 01 / December / 2014

This Christmas, cook with our Palco® aluminium food containters!

In Alibérico Food Packaging, we present some recipes to cook in Christmas with our aluminium food containers

Wednesday, 22 / October / 2014

Closures systems for aluminum containers

Palco® aluminum containers are especially designed to keep food in perfect conditions, as long as the type of material and the sealing system chosen is appropriate.

Tuesday, 22 / July / 2014

Aluminum containers, all advantages in the kitchen

The number of applications for aluminium food container manufactured in Aliberico Food Packaging, is huge. The list of advantages, infinite.

Wednesday, 18 / June / 2014

5 simples steps on hot to use Palco® food packaging containers in the microware

Cooking  in the microwave with aluminium containers manufactured by Aliberico Food Packaging, is an excellent choice for those who have little time to cook and follow a healthy diet.

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